Korea's lifelong education encompasses educational activities that can be classified into six areas: supplementary schooling, adult literacy education, vocational education, liberal arts/culture/arts education, and civic participation education. Since the introduction of the self-study degree system in 1990, the government has made continuous efforts to promote lifelong education. The Academic Credit Bank System and the Part-time Enrollment System implemented on the basis of the 5.31 Education Reform in 1995 were among these efforts.

To make lifelong education accessible to everyone, the government has implemented flexible systems such as Accounts for Lifelong Learning (ALL) in 2006 and a Lifelong-learning University Project in 2008. In addition, semi-formal lifelong education institutions and online lifelong learning systems are offered beyond the barriers of time and space. The Lifelong Education Voucher System, introduced in 2018 with an aim to support individuals from low-income and vulnerable groups, scaled-up the support so they can continue learning without disruptions.

Korea introduced the “First Lifelong Education Promotion Plan” in 2002, and has been implementing a statutory basic plan every five years. The Fifth Lifelong Education Promotion Plan (2023-2027) was announced recently, pursuing the goal of “promoting customized lifelong learning that everyone enjoys.” The plan operates under the slogan of “the Great Transformation of Lifelong Learning,” which aims to prepare individuals for changes brought about by the digital transformation and super-aged society.

Lifelong Education Promotion Plan

Lifelong Education Promotion Plan : First(2002-2006), Second(2008-2012), Third(2013-2017), Fourth(2018-2022), Fifth(2023-2027)
Vision Enjoyment of learning, Joy of sharing, the realization of acknowledge- able learning society Enjoyment of learning, cultivating tomorrow, the actualization of co-living lifelong learning society The realization of people’s happiness through creative lifelong learning in the era of the Homo Hundred The realization of sustainable lifelong learning society in which individuals and society grow together Opportunity for anyone to leap anew, lifelong learning society that everyone enjoys
Key Points Region, social integration, adult education, building infrastructure Creative learners, social integration Higher education institutions, online, social integration, region Anyone, jobs, locally-based Sustainability, opportunity, connection

Source : 2023 Education in Korea