Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education
    • Policy Adivisor to the Minister
    • Spokesperson
      • Public Relations Division
      • Digital Communications Team
  • Vice Minister of Education
    • Deputy Minister
    • Social Policy Cooperation Bureau
      • Social Policy Division
      • Social Policy Agenda Division
    • Inspector General
      • Audit and Inspection Division
      • Anti-Corruption and Integrity Division
      • Planning and Audit for Private Schools Division
    • Digital Transformation of Education Bureau
      • Digital Transformation of Education Division
      • Digital Infrastructure Division
        (Education Information System Operation Team)
        (Information Security Team)
      • Education Data Division
    • General Services Division
    • Office of Planning and Coordination
      • Policy Planning
        • Planning Division
          (Private Education and Admissions Misconduct Response Team)
        • Budget Division
        • Organization and Management Innovation Division
        • Regulation Reform and Legal Affairs Division
        • Gender Equality Policy Division
      • Global Education
        Planning Bureau
        • Global Education Policy Division
        • Educational Globalization Division
        • Overseas Korean Education Division
        • Global Talent Policy & Support Division
      • Emergency and Safety Division
    • Office of Human
      Capital Policy
      • Human Capital Policy Planning Bureau
        • Human Capital Development Policy Division
        • Human Capital Development Support Division
        • Academic Research Policy Division
        • Students Admmission Policy Division
      • Regional Human Capital Policy Bureau
        • Regional Human Capital Policy Division
        • Regional Innovation Support Division
        • University-Industry Cooperation and Employment/Entreprenuership Support Division
        • Youth Scholarship Support Division
      • Lifelong and Vocational Education Policy Bureau
        • Lifelong and Vocational Education Planning Division
          (Lifelong Education for Students with Disabilities Team)
        • Lifelong Learning Support Division
        • Secondary Vocational Education Policy Division
        • Higher and Vocational Education Policy Division
          (Junior College Foundation Support Team)
    • Office of Responsible Public Education Policy
      • Responsible Public Education Policy Bureau
        • School Teaching and Learning Innovation Division
          (STEAM Education Support Team)
          (National Curriculum Support Team)
        • Educational Content Policy Division
          (Northeast Asian Education Policy Team)
        • Basic Academic Skills and Career Education Division
      • Responsible Public Education Support Division
        • Teacher Policy Division
        • Teacher Training Division
        • Character, Physical, and Arts Education Division
        • School Life and Culture Division
        • Student Health Policy Division
      • Educational Welfare and Care Support Bureau
        • Educational Welfare Policy Division
        • Early Childhood Education Policy Division
        • Taskforce on Consolidation of Early Childhood Education and Care
        • After-school Care Program Policy Division
        • Special Education Policy Division
      • Higher Education Regulation Innovation Bureau
        • Higher Education Regulation Innovation Division
        • Higher Education Finance Division
        • Higher Educational Institution Operation Support Division
          (National University Hospital Support Team)
        • Higher Educational Institution Management Support Division
        • Dispute Resolution Team for Private Educational Institutions
      • Education Autonomy and
        Safety Bureau
        • Education Autonomy and Cooperation Division
        • Local Educational Finance Division
        • Educational Safety Policy Division
        • Educational Facilities Division
          (Educational Facilities Safety Team)
  • Interim organization
    • Taskforce on Consolidation of Early Childhood Education and Care
      • Director-General for Planning and Support
      • Strategy Planning Division
      • Standard Adjustment Division
      • Teacher/Curriculum Support Division
      • External Cooperation Division