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TITLE Expressing the passion for learning  through art and inspiration
DATE 2023-09-15 NAME 곽보미 HIT 46
  • [MOE 09-15] Expressing the passion for learning through art and inspiration.pdf Download
  • [교육부+09-15(금)+조간보도자료]+만학도의+배움+열정++감동을+예술로+표현한다.hwpx Download
Expressing the passion for learning  through art and inspiration

- The 2023 National Open Secondary School Competition to be held from September 16th to 17th 
- A total of 300 students from 24 Open Secondary Schools across the nation to showcase their talents, nurturing their talents and aptitudes and foster a sense of self-pride
- Winners will be honored with awards in the areas of literature (poetry and essays), calligraphy (Korean and Chinese), and painting (watercolor and drawing)