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TITLE Digital-driven Education Reform Plan Announced
DATE 2023-02-23 NAME 곽보미 HIT 1660
  • [MOE 02-23] Digital-driven Education Reform Plan Announced; Unlocking Opportunities for Personalized Learning in Education.pdf Download
  • [교육부 02-23(목) 브리핑시(14시) 보도자료] AI를 활용한 디지털 교육으로 '모두를 위한 맞춤 교육시대' 연다.hwp Download
Digital-driven Education Reform Plan Announced:
Unlocking Opportunities for Personalized Learning in Education
◈ Key Points

“AI-driven digital textbooks” enabled by AI technologies will be phased-in math, English, and informatics starting from 2025

Personalized learning adapted to student needs will be offered via coordinated efforts of teachers and AI assistant teachers

Leading teachers at the front lines of AI technologies will be fostered, making meaningful student-teacher connections

Over 300 lead school for digital learning will be operated by 7 local offices of education in 2023