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TITLE 2023 Basic Plan for K-MOOC announced
DATE 2023-01-31 NAME 곽보미 HIT 305
  • [MOE 01-31] 2023 Basic Plan for K-MOOC announced.pdf Download
  • [교육부 01-31(화) 석간보도자료] 2023년 한국형 온라인 공개강좌 기본계획 발표.hwp Download
K-MOOC in pursuit of lifelong learning for all
- 2023 Basic Plan for K-MOOC announced -

◈ KeyPoints
□ 24.4 billion Korean won invested in Korean Massive Open Oline Course (K-MOOC) offered for lifelong learning of all citizens
□ 15 K-MOOC leading universities newly selected, creating 500 new courses in 2023, totaling about 2,380 courses available
□ For personalized learning and improved usability, credential options and all-the-time learning are introduced and expanded