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768 Students, parents, and teachers to gather together for 「Schools Together」 Attached File 2023-10-05 131
767 MOE to significantly reduce school administrative tasks, helping schools to be fully committed to educational activities Attached File 2023-09-26 119
766 The 8th Social Affairs Ministerial Meeting Unveils Human Capital Development Plan for Migrant Students Attached File 2023-09-26 148
765 Teachers’ educational activities will be protected through the teacher indemnity insurance Attached File 2023-09-26 143
764 Apply for low-interest student loan conversion plan! Attached File 2023-09-25 129
763 Education policy makers and experts from 28 countries to visit K-Digital education site Attached File 2023-09-22 217
762 Come and experience Korea’s education technology (K-EdTech) firsthand! Attached File 2023-09-21 152
761 A Step toward the Future! Career Festival for Students with Disabilities Attached File 2023-09-20 103
760 MOE to discuss education cooperation with Vice President of the Philippines and Education Minister of Kazakhstan Attached File 2023-09-20 112
759 24 teachers involved in college entrance exam and mock evaluation question leaks at private academies... filing complaints and requesting investigations Attached File 2023-09-19 96