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TITLE Renewed Education Policies in 2023
DATE 2023-01-05 NAME 곽보미 HIT 84
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 Renewed Education Policies in 2023
- Pan-government booklet published to inform the public of changes in national policy in 2023 -

◈ Key points

Launching of public online school

Full-scale implementation of the First Comprehensive Plan to Guarantee Basic Academic Level

Teachers' Pension to have greater authority for reviewing pension payout to surviving beneficiaries of deceased pensioners and pension recoupment

Expanding leave of absence due to family affairs and illness for educational officials

Stronger support for college (graduate school) students with disabilities

Simplifying vaccination status registration for 1st year elementary/middle school students

Revising the education allowance payment system from bank transfer to credit/debit card points

Establishing school steering committee in Miscellaneous Schools

Higher education institutions of distance learning permitted to offer doctoral degree and intensive major courses

Student loan for learners of academic credit bank system

National university-affiliated hospitals set to cultivate cross-disciplinary medical professionals